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Drone Pilot Resources

Web version is here

Web version is here

National Research Council Canada's Drone Site Selection Tool

Check the disclaimers on the NRC website before flying! Go there if the map refuses to load.

Canadian Airspace Map from

Check the disclaimers on the Airspace Map website before flying!

Canadian Drone Training

Some selected study guides for folks looking to take Basic and Advanced Pilot exams, and pass their Flight Review practical.

Don Joyce has produced the comprehensive Drone Pilot Canada app, which we highly recommend and use on every flight. It’s available for IOS and Android.

Related Courses

We earn commision on these courses to offset project costs. Please support us!

Get 2 hours of hands-on flight training with one of Canada’s best drone pilot instructors. This guide will walk you through the training, and help you book the actual session!

Coastal Drone’s on line preparation course for Flight Reviews, offered by their Canada-wide network of Flight Reviwers.

Niche Training Guides

Here are some ideas for specializing based on your aerial skills and interests. The best advice we’ve heard is to find a niche – don’t try to do everything just because you have a drone that can multitask!

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This course outline fundamental concepts of exposure, composition, and visual storytelling to help you improve your photos and videos.

Learn the fundamentals of drone mapping and photogrammetry with Mike Morellato.

Train to be a professional inspections pilot in this ground breaking course from one of the best in the industry.

Study online and complete your Restricted operator’s Certificate – Aeronautical for VHF Radio License.

Drone Business Info

Selected videos from folks in the drone industry that have helped us through their training and mentorship.

Learn drone business development, start your business from scratch with this essential guide for starting a drone-based business.

Supercharge your drone business with a monthly subscription. Gain access to exclusive members-only business-specific drone resources, and access to a community discussion forum, all for less than a price of a grande macchiato every month.