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Freshwater on Vancouver Island

Building a Community Resource Map

We invite you to collaborate on our FreshwaterVI Resource Map — and share our vision to create an accessible source of publicly available data that could be used as a freshwater resource by communities across Vancouver Island.

Here’s how to get involved…

  • You upload your drone/ground footage of Vancouver Island freshwater systems, and include any other information about the area. See below.
  • We create a 3-5 minute video from your submission and attach it to the Resource Map, which is in an accessible Google Maps format.
  • If you already have a finished video that fits with the FreshwaterVI objectives, please get in touch.
  • You get credited for your submission as a contributor.
  • We will also post the most recent finished video on our home page, add it to our YouTube channel and Instagram, and feature the latest 10 videos on the slider below..

Vancouver Island Freshwater Resource Map

Watershed Maps

  • Artlish River
  • Bedwell River
  • Below Sooke River
  • Bulson Creek
  • Burman River
  • Campbell River
  • Canton Creek
  • Carmanah Creek
  • Caycuse River
  • Cayeghle Creek
  • Chemainus River / Videos
  • China Creek
  • Clemens Creek
  • Cluxewe River
  • Coleman Creek
  • Colonial Creek
  • Comox Creek
  • Conuma River
  • Cook Creek
  • Cous Creek
  • Cowichan River / Videos
  • Cowie Creek
  • Cypre River
  • Effingham River
  • Englishman River / Videos
  • Espinosa Creek
  • Eve River
  • Fisherman River
  • Franklin River
  • French Creek
  • Fulford Creek
  • Gold River Whole
  • Goodspeed River
  • Gordon River / Videos
  • Holland Creek
  • Houston River
  • Jacklah River
  • Jordan River
  • Kaouk River
  • Kauwinch River
  • Keith River
  • Kennedy River
  • Keogh River
  • Kewquodie Creek
  • Klanawa River
  • Klaskish River
  • Kleeptee Creek
  • Klootchlimmis Creek
  • Kokish River
  • Koksilah River
  • Little Qualicum UpperGauge
  • Little Zeballos River
  • Loss Creek
  • Lucky Creek
  • Macjack River
  • Macktush Creek
  • Maggie River
  • Mahatta Creek
  • Marble River LowerGauge
  • McCurdy Creek
  • Mohun Creek watershed
  • Mooyah River
  • Moyeha River
  • Nahmint River
  • Nahwitti River
  • Naka Creek
  • Nanaimo River Lower Gauge
  • Nanoose Creek
  • Nile Creek
  • Nimpkish River Whole
  • Nitinat River
  • Nitinat River/Smokehouse
  • Oyster River
  • Pachena River
  • Perry River
  • Qualicum River
  • Quatse River
  • Roberts Creek
  • Rosewell
  • Rupert Creek
  • Salmon River LowerGauge
  • San Josef River
  • San Juan River
  • Sarita River
  • Schmidt Creek
  • Shushartie River
  • Simpson Creek
  • Somass River Whole AboveGauge
  • Songhees Creek
  • Sooke River
  • Stephens Creek
  • Strandby River
  • Sucwoa River
  • Sydney River
  • Tahsis River
  • Talbot Creek
  • Tlupana River
  • Tofino Creek
  • Toquart River
  • Tranquil Creek
  • Trent River
  • Tsable River
  • Tsitika River
  • Tsolum River
  • Tsowwin River
  • Tsulquate River
  • Tsulton River
  • Ursus Creek
  • Walbran Creek
  • Wanokana Creek
  • Washlawlis Creek
  • Watta Creek
  • Wilfred Creek
  • Zeballos lower gauge
  • Zeballos River

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This doesn’t have to be about a big river system; any waterway, even a creek, can be the topic of a finished video.

Below are some ideas to consider when capturing video. We don’t need everything on this list – just your original footage will do!

Submission Guidelines:


  • A captivating, wide drone clip of the waterway.
  • The waterway’s name and location of the footage (latitude and longitude coordinates would be nice to have, if you’re able to take them! (Check out GAIA GPS a free iPhone/ Android app).

Visual Exploration

  • Footage of the waterway’s surrounding landscapes.
  • Footage capturing the waterway’s flow, meanders, and scenic surroundings such as sand banks.
  • Anything you think is unusual.


  • Footage showcasing the diverse ecosystems along the waterway.
  • Clips of wildlife, aquatic plants, and other natural elements.
  • Emphasize the biodiversity (or lack of) supported by the waterway.
  • If you’re familiar with the flora and fauna and do some species ID’ing while you’re in the field, let us know what those are!

Human Interaction

  • Footage portraying human interaction with the waterway, such as industry and farming.
  • Fishing scenes, agricultural activities and recreational use clips.
  • Information about the waterway’s importance to local communities.

Environmental Challenges

  • Footage that shows any environmental challenges.
  • Evidence of pollution, erosion, or other threats to the ecosystem.

Conservation Initiatives

  • Footage of any ongoing conservation projects.
  • Clips of the positive impact of these initiatives on the waterway.

Call to Action

  • Are you aware of a pressing need for action? Let us know!


  • Please include any links to other info that we can use to supplement the voiceover.

Thanks for your interest! All finished videos will be hosted on Instagram and our YouTube channel so we can ensure that content linked from the map never goes dark. You will be credited at the beginning (by name) and end (name and business/URL) of the video, as well as in the Instagram reel and YouTube page details.



So you know where you stand, here are our Terms and Conditions for submitting drone/ground footage for inclusion in videos that we will post to our onetrackdrone YouTube and Instagram channels.

1. Grant of License:

  • Contributors grant Adrian Fletcher (DBA One Track Drone Services) a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, and display their drone/ground footage contributions on the onetrackdrone YouTube and Instagram channels.

2. Content Ownership:

  • Contributors retain ownership and copyright of their original footage. Adrian Fletcher acknowledges and respects contributors’ intellectual property rights.

3. Usage Rights:

  • Adrian Fletcher may use the footage in YouTube and Instagram videos, promotional material, and related social media platforms for the sole and explicit purpose of promoting the Vancouver Island Waterways project. Contributors understand that their footage may be edited, combined with other content, or used in compilations.

4. Attribution:

  • Adrian Fletcher will credit contributors by including their name or preferred attribution in the video description and/or on-screen credits unless contributors specify otherwise.

5. Exclusivity:

  • Contributors confirm that their footage is not under an exclusive agreement with any other party that would prohibit its use on the onetrackdrone YouTube and Instagram channels.

6. Compensation:

  • Contributors acknowledge that this arrangement is voluntary and that no financial compensation will be provided for the use of their footage.

7. Release and Waiver:

  • Contributors release Adrian Fletcher from any claims, damages, or liabilities related to the use of their footage. Contributors confirm they have obtained all necessary permissions, including but not limited to model releases and property releases.

8. Duration of Agreement:

  • This agreement is effective indefinitely, and contributors may request removal of their footage from the onetrackdrone YouTube and Instagram channels at any time.

9. Modifications to Footage:

  • Adrian Fletcher may edit, modify, or enhance the contributed footage to suit the context of the YouTube and Instagram videos.

10. Termination:

  • Adrian Fletcher reserves the right to terminate this agreement and cease using contributors’ footage for any reason.

11. Governing Law:

  • This agreement is governed by the laws of British Columbia, and any disputes will be resolved through arbitration in accordance with those laws.

12. Acceptance of Terms:

  • Contributors signify their acceptance of these terms and conditions by submitting their drone/ground footage and completed contact form below to Adrian Fletcher.

Get involved…

You can submit video files up to 200GB and please include the location name as part of any file title.
Please read the Terms and Conditions above, then use this form to submit any other useful information, including your contact info, business name, website and all that good stuff.

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